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Links and Information

I'm involved with starting up a Fibershed in my area (stay tuned to this page for updates). Fibershed is about connecting producers, sellers, artisans etc within a 300 mile radius of Golden. There are several around the world.

 This is a visual of the area that our Fibershed encompasses

This is a visual of the area that our Fibershed encompasses

 Fibershed Imagined in our area for 2017

Fibershed Imagined in our area for 2017

Check out the Fibershed project where it all began in 2010 with a commitment by its founder, Rebecca Burgess, to develop and wear a prototype wardrobe whose dyes, fibers and labor were sourced from a region no larger than 150 miles from the project’s headquarters. Their website is beautiful and inspiring, check it out...

Ramstead Ranch

At Ramstead Ranch in Washington State you will find all of Ramstead Ranch’s gorgeous raw wool fleeces. Choose from their 60+ fleeces. Find out more...

My Samples


Spinning and weaving equipment can be sourced from Schacht Spinning Company, they have been designing handweaving and handspinning equipment since 1969. Today, they build looms in a 35,000 square foot factory with 50 employees, and are one of the world's leading makers of handweaving looms and spinning wheels. Find out more...

The Handweavers & Spinners Guild aims to bring together those who practise, or wish to practise, handweaving, spinning and allied crafts. Find out more...

The Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild is incorporated as a non-profit enterprise and is dedicated to the purposes of meeting and exchanging ideas, helping and encouraging all weavers to achieve the highest standard of excellence, conducting workshops and programs for instructing its members, and stimulating public interest and appreciation for the art and craft of handweaving. Find out more...

Inspirational artist Cornelia Theimer Gardella's tapestry and photography work examines open landscapes and the responses they evoke. Find out more...

Cornelia Theimer Gardella

The Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild - Natural Dye Garden Project led by Donna Brown, who has been studying and dyeing with natural dyes for over 25 years. To find out more...

A love of color and geometric design are the reasons Rosalie Neilson has pursued Warp-faced Rep Weaving and Kumihimo Braiding for the past twenty years. To find out more...

 Finished a wonderful class led by Rosalie Neilson

Finished a wonderful class led by Rosalie Neilson

Workshops for Fiber Artist, check out the Intermountain Weavers' Conference 2017.