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When I was a teenager Mum used to give me a budget to buy my own clothes. The amount wasn't nearly enough for all that I wanted, so she taught me how to sew. I enjoyed the challenge of seeing what I could get for my money.

My fascination with beautiful fabrics developed and I still make some skirts and vests. When my children where little I made lots of trousers for them to crawl around in. Once, I even made a nice winter coat for the eldest.

Sarina is a Costwald sheep from Ramstead Ranch. Her fleece has lovely long silky locks and the variation of light greys. One of my early weaving projects was to use her to make a shawl. Jaggerspun Maineline was the warp. I was thrilled with the color development along the length of the piece. What was planned as a shawl, became a pair of cushion covers. I'd sett the warp too close together and the fabric didn't have the drape I wanted.

Another piece of fabric I made, using my hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn as warp, awaits being made into an eight-gored skirt.

One weekend my eldest sister and I had a sewing session at her place. She lives in Ballarat, near Melbourne, and makes beautiful quilts. The BlueGreen quilt is what we put together. I liked the process so much that when I went home I made another using my partner's old shirts that I'd been saving.